New Apk Files »Eden to Green v1.0.1

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Eden v1.0.1

: 3.2+/Tegra3

: planet !

Alien machines resources . They’ve all but completely destroyed Eden a small handful of plants left alive. Euphoria, energy needed fast.

But’s time back!!

Eden addictive blend -strategy -paced battles plants versus comic machines. Create from a wide variety back against machines and restore beautiful vistas! Increase 'Euphoria' more offensive, plant better plants -out counter-attack. March against !

== Eden FEATURES ==

l Over 100 plants all beautifully animated 3D using Unreal Engine 3

l Choose between Expansion, Offensive plants -attack

l Rise against world areas 45 maps area

l Become friends plants from

l , plants constantly available via updates

l Optimized devices featuring high resolution textures, highest quality shaders, tons -screen characters effects galore


Eden free to play, however some be purchased money. If 't wan't t, please disable in-app purchases in 's settings.

What's New Apk Files »Eden to Green v1.0.1:

Usability improvements:

- Greatly reduced load times!

- Opening movie be skipped

- Tutorial half faster

- Tutorial progress


New Apk Files »Eden to Green v1.0.1:

New Apk Files »Eden to Green v1.0.1 Instructions:


New Apk Files »Eden to Green v1.0.1:


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