New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542

Posted by Unknown on Friday, May 31, 2013
Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542

New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542: Android 2.2+, ROOT

New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542: - Swype Play Store! Get - Cents - Limited Time Offer!

• 250+ Million Users

• Guinness World Record – Fastest Time a Text Message

• Own Swype Keyboard – Accept No Imitations


Swype New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 YOU. Whether you’re a Swype'r, a Typer, a Tapper Dictator, get ready better, faster keyboard experience smarter it. Swype pays attention way text a personal language model device . Swype – ’s most powerful keyboard.


SWYPE LIVING LANGUAGE crowd-sources latest trending words. Imagine having instant access hottest moment. Swype’s Living Language further localize additional dialect supplement preferred language. (Opt-in feature)

NEXT WORD PREDICTION intelligent it's like Swype can (almost read) read . powerful personal language model market trains vocabulary based usage. Swype also most extensive phrase based prediction model out there, which means predict words used long phrases like “Best Best,” “Nail head”, “Girl Dragon Tattoo,” and “Dancing Stars.”

PERSONAL DICTIONARY BACKUP & SYNC makes dictionary , follows device . (Opt-in feature)

DRAGON DICTATION’S world-renowned voice recognition lets hands free text quickly simple press Dragon key. Available languages.

SMART EDITOR analyzes sentence, flagging potential errors quick fix, suggestions most likely alternatives.

Even Swype New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542:

• Multi-modal: Swype, Type, Write, Speak

• Dragon Mobile Assistant: Dragon Mobile Assistant in Swype keyboard! If both apps Android quickly launch Dragon’s hands-free -available mobile assistant directly from keyboard easy gesture. Just Swype from Key Dragon flame short cut keyboard ’s Jarvis-like assistant ! Available New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 1.5 Mobile Assistant New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 3.1 .

• Unique Tablet Keyboards: Don’t pay double, a single keyboard phones & tablets. Swype includes three tablet modes from, including: Swype keyboard, a small keyboard, spl tablet sa.

• Smart Touch: Swype learns style evolves typing patterns truly personalized keyboard experience.

• Language Download : New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542s: Swype supports 60 downloadable languages dialects.

• Keyboard Themes: wide variety from, personalize Swype keyboard all .

• Voice & Text Dictionary Sync: New words added Swype keyboard personal dictionary across all sa methods, which means Swype, type dictate word.

• Gestures: Because sometimes want a fast shortcut tasks like: capitalization, punctuation editing (such All, Copy, Paste – and, even language switching).

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What's New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 :

May 31, 2013 – v1.5.6

Thank ! Here updates:

▪ New languages added: Afrikaans, Irish, Javanese, Sesotho, Sundanese, Swahili, Xhosa, Zulu

▪ Updated language databases models, German, Russian

▪ Next word prediction accuracy improvements

▪ Dragon Dictation UI improvements

▪ New theme

New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 word duplication bug One Mail app

New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 crashes reported

▪ Various bug fixes

How :

1. Uninstall previous New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 , preferrably using Titanium Backup after clearing data

2. Launch Lucky Patcher 'Odex' files automatically, if any

3. Install Swype

4. Don't launch

5. Launch Lucky Patcher

6. Remove Licence Verification

7. Au

8. Check both 'Auto' and 'Extreme Modes'

9. Apply

10. Swype away!!



Download : New Apk Files »Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16542 Instructions:

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